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Security Roller Shutters

Giamar™ Security Roller Shutters are manufactured with double skinned, extruded aluminium slats and made for situations where a higher level of risk is present, with more robust security requirements. This secure system offers many features and benefits designed to protect your shopfront or for other commercial applications such as controlling energy consumption.


Security Roller Shutters are ideal for the doorways, windows and openings of any property. They are custom built to conveniently fit any spot in your property, giving you the fastest and easiest installation of security roller shutters Doncaster and all of Melbourne has to offer.


Giamar™ solid Aluminium Security Screens and Security Shutters offer security that discourages break-ins and vandalism to your business and property. These strong, double-skinned, extruded aluminium slats are made with authentic materials, worthy of the task of protecting your business steadfastly against intruders or storms.


They are available in single and double-walled aluminium slats for maximum strength. But we’re not all strength without beauty! Aside from the guaranteed strength of these shutters, they also look great outside your property. Another benefit of Giamar™ Security Roller Shutters is that they roll into a smaller coil, reducing the size needed for the coil housing and making it less unsightly.


Security Roller Shutters in Cranbourne, Doncaster

Giamar™ Security Roller Shutters can be operated manually, spring assisted, motor driven or remote controlled. They are extremely effective as privacy screens. The adjusting mechanism gives you the freedom to control the exposure of sunlight as well as the warmth and coolness in different seasons. This definitely makes a significant benefit to your property improvement. So if you’re looking for security roller shutters, Cranbourne locals know Giamar™ is the sure choice!


Giamar™ Security Roller Shutters can also reduce your Shop Front Glass Insurance Premium.


Security Shutters:


  • Provide security
  • Prevent glass Breakage
  • rotect from vandalism
  • Give weather protection
  • Create privacy


Security Shutters can be used for:


  • Shop fronts
  • Windows and doors
  • Internal and external storage
  • Schools
  • Any building application


You can tick all the boxes. From energy efficiency to security, there is no need to look anywhere else. Your property will be safe and secure with the help of Giamar security roller shutters in Cranbourne, Doncaster and all of Melbourne!

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