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Giamar™ Home Standard window shutters are suitable for low security applications. They provide a great visible deterrent while the double skinned, foam filled, aluminium slats give added insulation, with sound deadening qualities. You will definitely enjoy privacy where you need it.


  • Shutters offer a physical barrier against rain, hail, wind and dust, making them very efficient in both hot and cold weather.


Giamar™ standard window roller shutters are designed to keep you and your property safe from the elements. It provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter, adding comfort to your home. Our window roller aluminium shutters offer energy savings, privacy and security, while enhancing the value and beauty of your home. As an investment for your windows, roller shutters are definitely worth it!

Window roller shutters are perfect for protecting windows, porches, entries and patio enclosures. We custom build our windows shutters in Melbourne with a view to improving on typical shutters in terms of the protection and many other advantages they offer.

They are made with authentic aluminium, in a strong double skin, and manufactured here in Australia. We’ve improved on the usual appearance of a shutter by housing it in a small box, on top of the window or door, with tracks that the shutter curtains slides up and down in mounted on each side. This means you can easily position your light control shutters as you please.

Window Roller Shutters can be operated internally by manual winders, motor driven, and/or remote controlled. The best part is, they promote energy efficiency, so you do not have to worry about too much energy consumption or emissions on the property.

Window Roller Shutters Provide:


  • Home security
  • UV protection
  • Weather protection
  • Increased privacy
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced heating/air conditioning costs


Window shutters are used for:


  • Storefront windows
  • Entry doors, sliding Doors, patios enclosures
  • Skylights
  • Screening porches
  • Inside and outside storage.


With all these benefits you can be confident in choosing Giamar to provide you with excellent products and services. Call us on 1300 442 627 for more information.

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